筑波会議 2019 1・2日目(招待制セッション)参加者公募

1. 若手研究者等の公募概要


2. 若手研究者等の定義


3. 応募の条件

1. 2019年10月4日現在で年齢が50歳未満の者
2. 会議の基本言語を英語とするため、英語を用いてコミュニケーションが行える者
3. 上記「2. 若手研究者等の定義」のいずれかにあてはまる者

4. 応募方法


5. 応募期限


6. 選考


7. 選考結果の通知




Tsukuba Conference 2019 Day 1 & 2 - Application Guideline

1. Application Information

The Tsukuba Conference Planning Committee invites young global leaders participating in Tsukuba Conference 2019 from all over the world, and selects from among applicants. The conference will be held over a period of three days from October 2nd to 4th, and is meant for participants who wish to take part in exclusive sessions that will be held on Day 1 and Day 2. Day 3 of the conference is open to the public.

2. Definition of Young Global Leaders

"Young Global Leaders" consist of young researchers (including graduate students and post doctors), engineers, entrepreneurs, investors, social entrepreneurs, journalists, governmental and international organizations’ officers, and other young talented people who are active in various professions.

3. Eligible Applicants

Applicants have to meet all conditions below;
1. Under the age 50 as of October 4th 2019
2. Communication skills in English
3. Fall under the category of "Young Global Leaders" as described in Paragraph 2.

4. How to Apply

Applicants are requested to fill all required information in the application form on this website, and send it to the office of the Tsukuba Conference Organizing Council by e-mail before the application deadline.

5. Application Deadline

August 6th (Tue.) 2019

6. Selection

Tsukuba Conference Planning Committee will deliberate and select the participants.

7. Notification of the results

The results will be notified by e-mail around August 9th (Fri.)

Application Form

Click here to download an application form (8 KB).


To apply, please send your application to
You can contact us via our inquiry form if you have any inquiries.