“International Student Presentations of Medical & Life Sciences“ meeting has been held annually to advance research activities and facilitate international exchanges for graduate students studying medical and life science. In this session, graduate students of University of Tsukuba and overseas partner universities including CiC partners will give online oral presentations (Sep. 29-30th). Digital Poster presentations (D-4) will be also held online (Sep. 21-30th). The link to digital poster and the schedule of sessions is now available (in attached file). Please follow the guideline in the same file for Zoom online meeting. This session is organized by Faculty of Medicine, Doctoral Program in Medical Sciences, Ph.D Program in Human Biology, and Master's and Doctoral Programs in Neuroscience and Ph.D. program in Humanics.

*To view the poster, please register this session and log in to the Tsukuba Conference official website, and then check the "NEWS FOR YOU" section.
You will find a link to the poster page.


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