The digital poster session introduces the research contents of young researchers who are working on disaster risk reduction (DRR) in order to overcome the national disasters that are expected to occur in the first half of the 21st century and enable sustainable development.
The special session will focus on "resilience in the metropolitan area," while the digital poster session will introduce research on scientific and technological issues in DRR and their application to society.
It is vital to effectively integrate all DRR process (forecast, prevention, response and recovery) to improve disaster resilience by concerted efforts by academia, government, and the private sector. This session will present such activities by means of digital posters.

Poster registrants and titles of posters on display (in order of registration, including co-authored posters)

Takeshi KIMURA: Long-Period Ground-Motion Prediction in Japan

Takuzo YAMASHITA: Seismic Damage Simulation of a 10-story RC Building

Shingo SUZUKI: Development of “10 Second Earthquake Diagnosis

Ken-ichi SHIMOSE: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Shakti P.C.: Quick Exposure Assessment of Flood Inundation

Tai-young YI: “KATA” for Facilitation in Disaster Prevention Activities of Local Communities

Anna MATSUKAWA: Issues and Solutions for Evacuation Shelter Management in Japan

Rika OHTSUKA: Factors associated with disaster preparedness among community-dwelling older adults in Japan

Masaki IKEDA: ICT-Based Active Learning for Elementary School Children to Prepare for Heavy Rainfall Disasters

Masatoshi OKOUCHI: NIED's Research Facilities and Observation Networks: Toward the Realization of a Society Resilient to Natural Disasters

Yohei CHIBA: Toward Effective Disaster Response: Consideration of Urban Factors that Increase COVID-19 Cases in Japan