In Japan, following the implementation of the Climate Change Adaptation Act in December 2018, various efforts to advance regional adaptation measures have initiated. As the effects of climate change differ greatly depending on the local conditions, it is essential to enhance collaboration between local people and experts to develop effective measures based on scientific knowledge such as understanding of the current situation and future forecasts. In order to accelerate climate change adaptation measures, this session will discuss the way of stakeholder collaboration and how to expand the knowledge obtained in one region to other regions.



Dr. Amy Luers Executive Director, Future Earth


須藤 大地 環境省気候変動適応室・係員
岡 和孝 国立環境研究所気候変動適応センター・主任研究員
塩竈 秀夫 国立環境研究所地球環境研究センター・気候変動リスク評価研究室室長
戸川 卓哉 国立環境研究所福島支部・主任研究員
Brian Johnson 地球環境戦略研究機関(IGES)・Research Manager)


climate change, adaptation, stakeholder dialogue, community-based approach