Even in the development of materials, the possibility and effectiveness of digital transformation is beginning to be boomed. We set "Materials Integration" (MI) as a key concept and have created a research infrastructure that integrates experimental, theoretical, computational and data science technology into the "MInt System". Now, the physical and cyber spaces are connected for innovation of development scheme of advanced materials. In our session, leading researchers demonstrate and discuss about the future image of materials development with MI technology.


Tomonaga Okabe Tohoku University
Junya Inoue The University of Tokyo
Masahiko Demura National Institute for Materials Science
Satoshi Minamoto National Institute for Materials Science
Kenji Nagata National Institute for Materials Science
Kaita Ito National Institute for Materials Science


Materials Integration, Materials Informatics



岡部 朋永 東北大学
井上 純哉 東京大学
出村 雅彦 NIMS
源 聡 NIMS
永田 賢二 NIMS
伊藤 海太 NIMS


Materials Integration, Materials Informatics