IA, a virtual artist whose voice is based on the voice of a Grammy-winning Japanese singer, will be performing at the opening ceremony of the upcoming Tsukuba Conference. Furthermore, on the last day of Tsukuba Conference, we'll screen the film concert of her live show which took place from 2018 through 2019.

■IA(pronounced as Eeh-ah)
She is not a vocaloid, but something better: a virtual artist produced by 1st PLACE Co., Ltd of Tokyo, Japan. Her voice, based on that of Lia (a renowned animation song vocalist) is generated from speech synthesis software.
As a music artist, she has been globally active, including successful world tours in twelve cities around the world. Her performances have been highly esteemed throughout the music industry, and many famous artists from major genres are providing her music, such as SUGIZO (LUNA SEA / X Japan), Shinichi Osawa (MOND GRSOSSO), KOHH, TeddyLoid, etc.
IA’s main achievements:

  • Served as an image girl for Japan’s largest car race, “SUPER GT” (2013, 2014)
  • Sang featured song for the anime series, “Mekakucity Actors” (2014)
  • Completed World Tour, “PARTY A GO-GO” in twelve cities (2015-2018)
  • Her PARTY A GO-GO live concert was featured as a film concert in more than three hundred cities, in front of over than 90,000 people (2015-2018)
  • Performed at “BILIBILI MACRO LINK 2017,” which was viewed simultaneously throughout the world by a record-breaking 720,000 people (2017)
  • Served as the ambassador to the 30th IOI (International Olympiad in Informatics), which hosted participants from eighty-seven countries (2018)
  • Served as a virtual attendant at one of Tokyo’s busiest train stations (JR Ueno station), helping to direct thousands of passengers each day to their proper rail destinations (2019)

In the summer of 2018, IA started her latest world tour, which featured her latest musical and live show, “ARIA,” which is a new type of live entertainment show that combines art, technology and music. In June 2018, IA’s pre-performance at the Digital Art Festival held in Enghien-les-Bains, France, received high critical acclaim at more than twenty French media outlets, including national TV. The first performance held at DMM VR THEATER Yokohama in January 2019 was sold out for all four scheduled shows, taking place over a two-day period.

1st PLACE株式会社がプロデュースするバーチャルアーティスト。その声はすべて音声合成ソフトウェアから生み出される。
世界12都市を巡るワールドツアーを成功させる等、音楽アーティストとしてグローバルな活躍を展開。圧倒的なパフォーマンス力が業界内で高く評価されており、IAの楽曲提供者にはSUGIZO(LUNA SEA / X Japan)、大沢伸一(MOND GROSSO)、KOHH、TeddyLoidなどメジャーシーンの著名アーティストも名を連ねる。

  • 日本国内最大級レース「SUPER GT」イメージガール(2013、2014)
  • アニメ「メカクシティアクターズ」挿入歌(2014)
  • 世界12都市ワールドツアー「PARTY A GO-GO」実施(2015~2018)
  • 同ライブの世界300都市上映キャラバン実施。延べ9万人動員(2015~2018)
  • 「BILIBILI MACRO LINK 2017」出演。同時視聴者数72万人を記録(2017)
  • 世界87ヶ国参加の国際情報オリンピックでバーチャルアーティスト初の実行委員に就任(2018)
  • JR東日本「案内AIみんなで育てようプロジェクト」参加、上野駅でアテンダントに就任(2019)

2018年より最新ミュージカル&ライブショー「ARIA」のツアー展開をスタート。音楽とアートとテクノロジーを融合させた新感覚のライブエンタテインメントショーとして話題を呼び、2018年6月、仏アンギャンレバン市のデジタルアートフェス内で開催された同プレ公演は、現地メディアやテレビ局20社以上に取り上げられた。2019年1月にDMM VR THEATER横浜で開催された初回公演は、2日間計4公演とも満席。