Tsukuba Conference is designed for young researchers, entrepreneurs and other young experts in various fields to share their ideas to enhance a deeper understanding of the future of science and technology, and on the wide range of challenges and solutions that science and technology can generate in relation to the global society.

By bringing together approximately five hundred future leaders from all over the globe to Tsukuba Science City, Tsukuba Conference will provide them a platform to discuss and debate issues, to put together action plans and proposals in the course of their discussions, and to reach out to the global community.

[Issues to be discussed]
  • Contribution by cutting-edge science and technology toglobal challenges in the context of Society 5.0 and SDGs
  • Health, medical and social systems in the context of Society 5.0 and SDGs
  • How and why we work in Society 5.0
  • How we promote diversity and inclusiveness in Society 5.0
  • Developing countries in the context of Society 5.0 and SDGs: Fighting with infectious diseases



  • Society5.0とSDGsを見据えた先端科学技術分野の研究と
  • Society5.0とSDGsを見据えた長命時代の健康、医療、社会システム
  • Society5.0における労働の在り方、労働の意義
  • Society5.0が真に多様性が許容される共生できる社会となるために
  • Society5.0とSDGsを見据えた発展途上国が真に「豊かな社会」となるために - 感染症等の克服