In July 2017, the Tsukuba Conference Organizing Council decided to create a new forum for future shapers—talented young leaders from industry, government and academia worldwide—, and named it “Tsukuba Conference.”

The purpose of the Tsukuba Conference is to bring together future shapers beyond all borders to facilitate discussion among them. It provides them with the opportunity to express their vision of the future and to meet their collaborators.

Tsukuba Science City is the venue for this new forum. It is home to a few hundred research institutes and has more than twenty thousand researchers.

The first Tsukuba Conference centers around Society 5.0 and SDGs. Examples of topics discussed in more than 50 sessions include:

  • contribution by science, technology and innovation to solving global issues;
  • health, medical and social systems of the future;
  • emerging work-style in the age of artificial intelligence;
  • diversity, inclusiveness and gender equality.




第1回の筑波会議のメインテーマは、Society 5.0SDGsです。50を越えるセッションで討論される話題の一例は下記の通りです。

  • 科学技術とイノベーションは地球規模課題の解決にどう貢献するのか
  • 未来の健康、医療、社会システム
  • AI時代における新たな働き方
  • 多様性、共生社会、ジェンダー平等