The connection between society and the individual is changing dramatically. In this context, the concept of "well-being," which refers to the physical, mental, and social health of the individual, is significantly important. Most of the faculty members of universities and research institutions are researchers. We would create an environment in which they can maintain a sense of a high level of well-being, and focus on their research. It will help researchers to fulfill their well-being and lead a better life for everyone in the world.

In the "Symposium on Researcher Well-Being," researchers from diverse backgrounds will discuss how to continue to be creative in the research field and the society surrounding them, and how to create a well-being environment and state of mind that will enable them to perform well.

■Recommended for
・Who want to know and think about the well-being of researchers
・Who are interested in the well-being
・Researchers and stakeholders who want to consider how to improve the research environment and how to secure time for research

■ Contents
To consider the well-being of researchers, we will explore whether there are any peculiarities of well-being based on the Japanese cultural background. Next, we will consider what "researcher well-being" means together with young researchers and participants from each country attending the Tsukuba Conference, based on the perspectives of young researchers excelling would-wide  who are of Japanese origin and researchers from overseas excelling world-wide think about "researcher well-being."

In the panel discussion, we will consider the research environment that Japanese national universities can prepare for, based on what young researchers think of well-being.



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